Sky Pass

Sky Pass is a young but dynamic helicopter company. Since its incorporation Sky Pass has aimed towards development and operation of the most challenging helicopter services.

Sky Pass institutional shareholders have managed what has been an unlikely business development achievement to any other civil helicopter company in Iran during the hardest economical times by attracting foreign investors into Iranian civil helicopter industry, obtaining long term contractual employment for six foreign registered aircraft in Iran.

Sepehr Peymaye Kish Helicopter Co. “Sky Pass” and Heli Holland are currently administering import of minimum number of Six (6) helicopters into Iran in the first phase of cooperation, register these aircraft in Iranian registry under the name of Sky Pass and also start up a Flight Training Organisation in Iran.

Heli Holland has the intention of %49 shares participation into Sky Pass and shall invest in this company as its exclusive partner company in Iran.

In addition to above Heli Holland shall start a Flight Training Centre for Helicopter Civil Pilots in Iran through SKYPASS.